Arlington Farms

Boarding & Shipping Services


High quality, full care horse boarding is offered at Arlington Farms in the Sunshine Meadows Equestrian Village.

Arlington Farm's owner, John Beebe, is well respected in the industry and is dedicated to the well being of each and every horse. His over 50 years of experience has given him a wealth of knowledge and understanding very few will ever have. Arlington Farms gives expert care & service with experienced grooms who live on the property to provide 24 hour care. Veterinary, dental and farrier management is provided as well.


Carriage Hill Farm Services:

• Training: Huntseat, Jumpers, Equitation, Ponies

• Lessons

• Professional Rides

• Local and National Horse Shows

• Premium Sporthorse Sales

• Riding Camps

• Birthday Parties

• Hand walking and Lunging

• Grooming and Bathing

• Body Clipping

• Tack Cleaning and Repair

• Laundry


Arlington Farm Services:

• Stalls cleaned daily

• Ample Bedding

• Grain twice daily

• Hay three times a day based on individual needs

• Management and administering of feed supplements

• Daily Turnout Year Round

• Use of rings and 170 acres with miles of trails

• Off season use of track

• Management of Veterinary, Dental and Farrier Services

• Blanketing in the winter months

• Horse gym (treadmill) by Equistep

At Carriage Hill we are fortunate enough to have the BEST grooms around! 
Not only do they care for our horses day in and day out, they do it with a smile.
As we all know, the days can be very long and hot. Our grooms' commitment to us, the clients, and the horses are unequaled.
They are a major component to our success and we could not do it without them! 
   Thank you guys!

  • 50 12x12 CBS stalls with great ventilation

  • ample bedding is cleaned 3 times a day, 7 days a week

  • Grain is fed twice daily and hay 3 times a day based on needs of individual horses

  • Feed supplements are managed and administered

  • Every horse is turned out 7 days a week for 2+ hours each day in individual
    large paddocks

  • There are 4 tack rooms, 5 wash stalls, and an air conditioned office/lounge.

  • The equestrian village sits on 170 acres and has 4 sand hunter/jumper rings,
    2 dressage rings and 1 Grand Prix grass ring that are maintained daily. There
    are also miles of trail riding

  • Trailer parking is also provided on the property

  • Horse gym services by EquiStep, llc

For more information, please use our Contact Page.

Home Jump.jpg

Arlington Farm's John Beebe is a master jump builder!

John has been busy in his work shop building new jumps for Sunshine Meadows. Many of the jumps are like the ones at WEF so our horses will be well schooled for the big shows thanks to him.

If you see him covered in paint you will know a new jump is in the works. Please, remember to thank him, they are his gifts to all of us.